[tryfing] 3.5 it's orc time!

3rd session
rumble in Hillice

I continued my investigation of the sewers which proved to be housing a black market, no suprise there…. and one or two thieves guilds, I ran into something most unexpected… a fey creature of some sort, saved it from slavery and certain humiliation and inevitable death… and I’m now using it as my chief mascot! back on the surface Mathew didn’t have anythin new, so I decided to hit the taverns for more information..

Mathew the trusty fellow that he is, introduced me to a female shield fighter code named Cut…
she proved a valuable addition to my followers… I then picked up a bit of information supporting my suspicion that it was indeed Earl Andrews that was supporting Berry’s Competition. knowing this, I arranged first an audience with his rival Earl Chewter or what not… and suggested to him that increasing military activity in the near future might be a good idea for him, as I planned to remove Earl Andrews from the Equation..

I then arranged an audience with Earl Andrews, during said audience Cut posed an interesting case.. why simply not take the Earl’s head and be done with it.. and thus a fight broke out, a fierce battle but due to my Brilliance in tactics and overwhelmingly powerful demeanor I vanquished my foes.. I then returned to the inn after greeting earl ghewter or what not, on the way out.. had a little chat with Berry got a little bonus reward for god knows what… and headed back to guild grounds, where my reward was issued.. Miss Flora informed me that she’d no jobs to offer my retinue.. so we retired from her office and i promptly called Berry to inquire about a certain creatures location, he oblidged and took me and my followers to a stronghold in the mountains where he spouted strange insults at the gates and vanished leaving leaving me and my men / women to fend off the offended party.. which they did supperbly

2nd session
gibberish notes

we sacked the temple, on the way back my pet dragon got eaten… by some trolls we encountered… one of them was a troll paladin….. for hiranious… on their way to the temple we had just destroyed………..got back found Berry the Lich, chit chatting with Flora Cyra, he hired us to go to Hillice to weed out some competition of his, we battled a huge bone dragon on the way, that i ended up having to get physical with because the rest of my oompanions are clearly not as capable as they pretend to be..
we arrived at the city of Hillice to find that our contact was a sadistic psychopath with a knack for gambling… (seems like a nice guy)…. he gave us a few pointers… first off.. appearently we’re up against a cult trying to open up a back door to this lich who is a competitor for the city, and we’re to spoil their plans… don’t worry we’ll hopefully get paid this time…we bought a couple of healing belts… and hit the sewers… were we ran into a couple of crocs… who tried to drag our new ranger 6 feet under… but at the very least he seemed capable enough to survive…

The temple
A quest for epic loot... or something

we finished our mission to the ruins in style.. wrapped it up neatly and even brought back a little bonus for Flora, of which she seemed appriciative to put it mildly.. Coin never lies..

as for our second mission, to ransack a temple.

Arriving at the temple i imidiately sensed something wrong with the guard, and as my pet Draconis can testify, they were not what the seemed.

when we got into the interior we where attacked and naturally we responded in kind, “disposing” of the competition proved an easy matter…

all that remains is to bring the walls down, and we can call it a day..

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