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  • Arcazol

    Alignment: LE Title: The Dark Lord Form: Arcazol takes the form of an elf, an undead elf in a black full plate. Portfolios: Tyranny, Curses, Undeath, Torture Story: Arcazol was once a mighty elvish wizard, and the first of his kind to dabble …

  • Kaniroth

    Alignment: NE Title: The Devourer Form: Kaniroth appears as a huge beast, constantly changing between the forms of different predators, ridden by disease. Portfolios: Beasts, Disease, Night, Hunting Story: Kaniroth was once an orc hunter. He …

  • Emberstrife

    Alignment: CE Form: A fire elemental of enormous size he scorches everything around him. He can change size at will and while often angry, destructive and hateful he can be mischievous and deceiving. Portfolios: Strife, Chaos, Destruction, Thieves …

  • Hextor

    Alignment: LE title: Scourge of Battle Portfolio: Tyranny, war, conflict, fitness. you dont want this guy as your fitness trainer

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